Why Titanium is the best for gravel and endurance.

Why Titanium is the best for gravel and endurance?

Gravel and endurance bikes might seem like a generalist piece of equipment,  but in reality, it’s unique in its design to perform in a variety of applications.

A high-quality titanium frame has some very unique advantages when used for a gravel or endurance frame. 

Here are some of the most important reasons to ride titanium on a gravel or endurance bike.


If you are doing an ultra-distance race, Audux or 100mile plus gravel ride after three hours in the saddle comfort plays an important role in the quality of your ride.  Comfort and performance are not contradictory, but complementary.

Titanium bikes’ legendary comfort lies firstly in a good design, but also in the ability of the material to absorb high-frequency vibrations from the surface which contributes to fatigue.


The last thing you want to see after an intense ride is a crack around your seat post or bottom of your down tube.  Titanium has a very high resilience to failure due to its high strength to weight ratio, fracture toughness and near infinite fatigue life.  No need to worry about hitting a rock, pot-hole or bad section of corrugation during your ride.


Each-and-every watt adds up during long and tough conditions.  The manufacturing process of Titanium frames lends itself to custom frames designed around the individual rider.  This gives the rider the best-of-both-worlds giving him/her the most efficient bike, having more power and less fatigue than stock designed frames.  


If you are fortunate enough to have a custom designed frame, you can choose all kinds of fixing points and bolts for your frame,  ranging from extra water, panniers or lights.  Even if you don’t have a custom project you can still adapt your titanium frame with a whole plethora of accessories without worrying about damaging the frame.

A Titanium frame might not be the lightest frame available, but for ultra-long distance and gravel riding the advantages of a Titanium frame far outweighs the difference in weight of the lighter options.

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