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Client Testimonial

I was in the market to buy a gravel bike to add a bit of adventure to my cycling routine. I tested out a carbon bike with carbon rims and even though I really enjoyed the experience and made my final decision to commit towards buying one, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of vibration i felt on the corrugated gravel roads. I wasn’t expecting miracles in this sense since after all, it is a road bike with gravel tyres on but, it did however make me research this topic and after some conversation with cycling enthusiast friends, I came across Calculus’s hand crafted titanium bikes. On paper this metal was the solution for not only absorbing my vibration concern but, also I now had the opportunity to really do something unique! Millar from Calculus bikes assisted with the design and manufacturing process and Paul from White Stone Cycles did the build.

The outcome was very successful and I couldn’t help but really notice a difference in terms of vibration. One more thing....the bike came out looking awesome!!! I have done some cool multi day trips with the bike and I am super chuffed with the ride feel this bike has given me. Well done Paul and Millar!!



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